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People, whether they are leaders defining strategy, managers responsible for executing that strategy, or employees committed to delivering an organisation’s goals have always been the primary driver of value-creation.

The relationship between a company’s ability to create value through its people and its performance is hardly a new insight, but realising this value remains an all too elusive goal for too many.

Our Leadership Practice helps clients realise their strategic and business objectives by identifying the capabilities and organisation they need to deliver and execute, and then align their people and culture behind it. The Practice is also the home of Africa’s leading executive search business, Triage Talent, which supports clients with executive, business-critical and difficult to fill hiring.

Leadership is not a position or title. Neither is it attributes or management. Leadership is the ability to effect positive change through others. Similarly, leadership is not an event but a journey, what we call, The Leadership Journey.

The Triage Leadership Journey is a critical path and framework that enables any company or organisation, from start-up to multi-national, local champion to regional powerhouse, to orientate itself and align its leadership with its strategic goals and business objectives.

We provide support at critical points along the way, from the first step and throughout, from operating model, capability and resource planning, to culture, FIT, leadership development and value creation.

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