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Most solutions tend to focus on a single issue. As a result they simply shift the problem to another part of the system, or organisation. We're developing a service offering to help our clients understand their operation as a living, interrelated system and apply systems theory to the challenges they are facing. Check back soon for more information.

Our work spans the economic, strategic analysis, and performance of rural assets, including identifying opportunities for additional and more profitable income.

Our principal objective is to understand the potential of an area, at every scale, to unlock the value of current activities and to explore the highest and best use of all resources and assets within the area – for example opportunities offered by natural capital, and change of use. These include the social and economic benefits of access, recreation, health and well-being.

We use applied spatial data and analytics to answer high value questions and solve complex, often systemic, problems. Our approach and technology enable land owners and managers, policy-makers and planners to assess opportunities across all capitals (social, natural and financial), factor in climate change, evaluate the effect of their decisions on growth, development and impact, and negotiate trade offs.

We take a lifecycle approach working with our our clients to challenge their ‘now’, plan for their ‘next’ and the future they want, and implement change. We then help them iterate and pivot in near and real time by enabling them to the monitor and manage all of their assets and resources across all areas of interest.

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